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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Season Three Episodes

    Available on DVD Buffy’s mentor (whether she likes it or not) is Rupert Giles, the school’s librarian and resident expert on all things evil. He is also the Watcher, a guardian who is entrusted to guide the Slayer on her destiny. Also on Buffy’s side is Angel, her mysterious boyfriend who also happens to be a vampire. Once he returns from Hell their relationship will grown even more complicated and intense.

    Now in her senior year, Buffy’s slayer behavior doesn’t make her a hit with the “in” crowd, and her two fellow outsiders in school, awkwardly geeky Xander and shy Willow, have turned mainstream in the dating scene. Willow, an intelligent wallflower with a talent for computer hacking, has paired up with the unflappable Oz, who inconveniently turns into a werewolf each full moon. Xander, who is bright and funny and well on his way to handsome, finds himself in a love-hate relationship with popular-girl-of-the-moment Cordelia.

    (Summary excerpt courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox™. Reprinted with permission

    Season 3 Cast

    Episode Guide
    Dead Man's Party
    Faith, Hope and Trick
    Beauty and the Beasts
    Band Candy
    Lovers' Walk
    The Wish
    The Zeppo
    Bad Girls
    The Prom
    Graduation Day (Part One)
    Graduation Day (Part Two)

    The Big Bad
    Mayor Richard Wilkins III - A mild mannered man, if it wasn't for the way that everyone acts around him you'd think he was just a nice man. But then, the face that people show isn't always the one they really have.

    The Cronies
    Mr Trick - One of only two black vampires with speaking parts (the other one being Absalom).

    Faith - Unstable from the start, everyone knew she was going to go bad sooner or later.

    Pivotal Moments (May Contains Spoilers - Or Nuts)

    Buffy returns home (Anne)

    Faith arrives, as does Mr Trick (Faith, Hope and Trick)

    Angel returns to earth (Faith, Hope and Trick)

    The rest of the Scooby Gang find out that Angel is back (Revelations)

    Buffy turns 18 and loses her powers (Helpless)

    The Mayor becomes invincible - Faith kills Allan Finch (Bad Girls)

    Mr Trick gets dusted - Faith applies for his job, and doing so, crosses over to the dark side (Consequences)

    Angel goes bad (but he's only pretending). This leaves Buffy in grave doubt about their relationship (Enemies)

    We find out the Cordelia's been having to work to pay for her Prom dress (The Prom)

    Too many moments to mention (Graduation Day (Part One)) and Graduation Day (Part Two))

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