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Ally McBeal
Whipper Cone

Whipper ConeWhipper Cone is a Judge. She was also the object of Richard's waddle affections for most of the first two seasons. At the start of season three she joined Renée in starting up their own law firm.

She has a unique personality. She's outrageous at times, but always a fair judge.

She dated Richard, for a time, but nothing much ever came of it. She was a lasting character on the show, though never really had much influence.

Whipper is played by Dyan Cannon. NOTE: Birth name is Samile Diane Friesen. She got her stage name from producer Jerry Wald who said he kept seeing something explosive in her.
Age: 66 (January 4, 1937)
Birthplace: Tacoma, Washington, USA
Schooling: University of Washington (attended only)

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